Private Walking Tours

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If our Free Walking Tour is great, imagine if you could set the staring time, choose different itineraries or even create a custom one exclusively for you and your group? 

Welcome to our Private Walking Tours section! 


City Center Historic Walking Tour

Based on our Free Walking Tour this is the best way to know the City Center and learn a lot about Rio’s and Brazil’s history.

cais do valongo 1

Docks and Little Africa Walking Tour

It’s time to explore the dock sand  the ‘Little Africa’ region. Learn the history of slavery from and the impact and legacy of Afro culture on Brazilian identity.

museu nacional

From Colony to Republic Historic Walking Tour

Focused on the history of Brazil, in this tour you will learn a lot about the period from the colonial to the republic era.

santa teresa tour

Santa Teresa Walking Tour

Let’s take a tram ride to Santa Teresa, the most charming district of Rio de Janeiro for an unforgettable walking tour.

custom walking tours

Customize Your Walking Tour

Are there parts of the city you want to see and are not in our tours? Let us know and we will build an itinerary specially for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You offer a great Free Walking Tour. What is the point of taking a Private one?

Even if our Free Walking Tour is awesome, the Private Walking Tours have different itineraries and let you even customize your own (with our help). Also only you and your group will participate, which ensures exclusive attention and flexibility for last minute changes.

What should I bring to the tours?

Comfortable shoes, light clothes, sunblock, sunglasses and bottled water. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your smile !

I have heard Rio is a very dangerous city. Is that true? Can I bring my camera or phone to the tour?

As any big city, Rio is not 100% safe. We recommend to avoid bringing jewerly. Cameras and phones usually are ok. The tour guides are always paying attention to the surroundings but we cannot guarantee 100% safety.

Are the tous cancelled due to bad weather?

Sunny and rainy days, we are waiting for you.

What are the covid-19 safety measures for the Walking Tours?

Wearing face masks during the tours is mandatory.

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