Little Africa Free Walking Tour

Explore the Docks and the Little Africa Region

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Estátua do General, Praça XV

Meeting Point

Olympic Boulevard

Corridor built for the Olympics where the old port area used to be in colonial times

Igreja de Santa Rita

Former African slaves burial place

Praça Mauá

Square next to the Port, where the Museum of Tomorrow and the Rio Art Museum are located

Largo da Prainha

Area of a former beach that was buried, now a stronghold of local bars

Cais do Valongo

The docks where the African slaves used to arrive in the 1800s

Pedra do Sal

Historic site where the Carnaval and some African religions started to spread

Instituto Pretos Novos (Optional paid visit)

The place where the slaves that died before arriving in Brazil were buried, now a Museum. 


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Wed and Thu at 9:30am

In front of the Statue of General Osorio, in Praça XV


Eng, Port

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A Quick Note About Free Tours

Free walking tours are a great way to learn about the history and culture of the city for free. Rio Free Walking Tour does not charge for them although you are welcome to tip our guides at the end. Your contribution is their payment. We have no sponsor, it’s not an obligation, and we understand that any money should be voluntarily given. They will never pressure you to tip them but it is the way we can keep showing the city to the visitors.

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