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Santa Teresa is a hilltop neighborhood with a village-like vibe. Now a home of various artists, restaurants and boutique hotels, it used to be a upper-class neighborhood and still preserve gourgeous constructions. A perfect place for a walking tour. 


Largo dos Guimarães

Our meeting point. The main tram station, a square filled with handcraft stores from local artists.

Atelier Bonzolandia

Open-air studio of local artist Getúlio Damado, whose work has been exhibited at MoMA and in Paris.

Bar do Gomes

Traditional Santa Teresa bar with a history of almost a century

Casa do Barão de Maua

A residence that belonged to the Baron of Mauá, a businessman from the time of Brazil’s Empire who drove the country’s modernization and became the richest man in South America.

Ruins Park (Parque das Ruínas)

Old mansion where a socialite used to throw parties with lots of artists, now a cultural center with great view of the city.


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Duration: 1:30hours



A Quick Note About Free Tours:

Free walking tours are a great way to learn about the history and culture of the city for free. Rio Free Walking Tour does not charge for them although you are welcome to tip our guides at the end. Your contribution is their payment. We have no sponsor, it’s not an obligation, and we understand that any money should be voluntarily given. They will never pressure you to tip them but it is the way we can keep showing the city to the visitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the tours?

Comfortable shoes, light clothes, sunblock, sunglasses and bottled water. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your smile !

I have heard Rio is a very dangerous city. Is that true? Can I bring my camera or phone to the tour?

As any big city, Rio is not 100% safe. We recommend to avoid bringing jewerly. Cameras and phones usually are ok. The tour guides are always paying attention to the surroundings but we cannot guarantee 100% safety.

Are the tous cancelled due to bad weather?

Sunny and rainy days, we are waiting for you.

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